Practice Areas

Commercial litigation

The attorneys at Moskowitz, Mandell & Salim, P.A. are skilled lawyers who deal with a broad range of commercial litigation issues every day. Breach of contract, class action, breach of fiduciary duties, partnership disputes, and a litany of business conflicts are just some of the many topics that fall under the commercial litigation practice area. We represent businesses, entrepreneurs, partnerships, and corporations in a wide variety of cases in state and federal courts. 

We also provide other services that are invaluable to business professionals such as declaratory judgments and preliminary injunctions. Our attorneys work with business dissolutions, leveraged buyouts and disputes relating to the Uniform Commercial Code.

Business & Corporate Law

Our corporate and business attorneys counsel companies of all sizes, from small mom and pop business to large privately owned companies, at every stage in a business’ life cycle. The firm provides legal guidance and representation in mergers and acquisitions, expansion, contract negotiation, non-competes, licensing, business law, employment law, purchase agreements and disputes.

We also has extensive experience in the formation of company documents and the buying and selling of the assets or ownership interests in the businesses.

Real Estate Litigation

Our firm represents clients in virtually all aspects of commercial and residential real estate matters, including the buying and selling of commercial shopping centers, office buildings, industrial properties, as well as residential homes. We also draft, review and negotiate commercial leases for landlords and tenants, development agreements, and land use and zoning matters. We represent both lenders and borrowers of commercial real estate based loans, and also represent real estate brokers. 


The firm does extensive work in connection with title examination and the issuance of title insurance policies, and we are an approved agent for some of the largest national and state wide title insurance underwriters. Because real estate is a rapidly evolving area of the law, our attorneys stay abreast of all of the changes to the laws and regulations that govern real property law.

Government Litigation

The government law practice of Moskowitz, Mandell & Salim, P.A. embraces a wide array of services. Our representation of public sector clients includes dealing with code enforcement, land development regulations, constitutional law issues, utilities and municipal services, pension and retirement plans for government employees. Additionally, the firm has substantial experience in connection with procurement issues and bid protests.

We are comfortable working with municipalities, community redevelopment agencies (CRAs), and all public authorities. We are also skilled at guiding private sector clients as they deal with governments in numerous matters.  

ADA Defense

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which passed in 1990, has undergone numerous modifications. At Moskowitz, Mandell & Salim, P.A., our attorneys regularly work with companies of all sizes to help ensure they are compliant and up to date on the current laws. When lawsuits occur, our attorneys use their extensive knowledge and experience to defend businesses in ADA-type suits. We have a comprehensive review process that includes assisting in and making recommendations to implement preventative measures for the future.

Law & Hearings

Our administrative legal team works to clarify government regulatory issues for you, which often can affect the success of companies and their owners. Legal actions brought by agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other governmental bodies can impact businesses financially and can determine their level of success. Our experienced attorneys can work to guide you through Administrative Law matters in the following ways:

  • Administrative hearings

  • Judicial review of administrative actions

  • Permits, licenses and additional approvals

  • Rulemaking hearings, including petitions, challenges & waivers


The attorneys at Moskowitz, Mandell & Salim, P.A. know how to successfully appeal an adverse ruling or preserve a hard earned victory. We can dissect every element of a proceeding and identify new methods, tactics and opportunities that can make a difference as the circumstances are heard anew by an appellate court. Our thorough investigation and evaluation of the proceeding offers clients a valuable perspective on the potential for a new outcome.    

Community Association Law

At Moskowitz, Mandell & Salim, P.A., our focus on community association law gives clients the confidence that they have turned to the right firm. We understand the complex Florida statutes that govern community associations and how they apply to your situation. Our attorneys can interpret the myriad of rules that community associations must follow from the protocol for board meetings to the proper enforcement of regulations against members.

We provide advice to avoid litigation, and counsel when litigation is the only recourse.  We offer information to educate our clients and strategies to prepare for reactions among members. Running a community association can be a difficult task but engaging the right attorneys can help it run smoothly.

Estate PlanninG & Administration

Estate planning embraces all the elements of arranging for the disposal of a person’s property and possession with the goal of eliminating surprises, uncertainty and high taxes. The attorneys at Moskowitz, Mandell & Salim, P.A. provide valuable assistance to individuals to maximize the value of the estate by reducing the tax implications and other expenses. 

From living wills, trusts and beneficiary designations to powers of appointment, determining property owners and gifting, our attorneys cover all the angles to be sure the estate planning is thorough and represents the desires of the individual. We also work closely with the family and beneficiaries to make certain the administration is executed swiftly and professionally.


Labor Law

The labor and employment attorneys at Moskowitz, Mandell & Salim, P.A. represent employers of all sizes and in all areas related to employment litigation and counseling. We can also provide advice for businesses to adopt certain strategies in order to avoid litigation in this field.

Our attorneys are experienced handling matters that cover the gamut of employment-related claims under the applicable state and federal statutes and local ordinances. These include but are not limited to:

  • Age discrimination claims under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act

  • Sex, race, national origin and religion discrimination claims under Title VII

  • Employment-related defamation claims

  • ADA defense

  • Fair Labor Standards Act claims and similar state statutes

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